Affiliate Arbitrage

In standard terms, we can say that Arbitrage is the practice of purchasing click from a PPC Search Engine at a low cost per click to redirect those clicks to a higher cost Pay Per Click listing. Clicks generated through Arbitrage on the 7SearchPPC listings often results in traffic below our quality standards.
At 7SearchPPC, we have implemented various methods to protect our advertisers from these deceiving practices and ensure that they only receive the highest quality traffic.
7SearchPPC Publishers should be aware of the following:

  • We strongly discourage our affiliates from using paid advertising to drive traffic to pages showing ads from 7SearchPPC to earn additional revenue. Those we find practicing Arbitrage will run the risk of forfeiting any generated earnings and may also get their accounts permanently banned.
  • We monitor all the new accounts and review them through our proprietary Traffic Analysis System to ensure that the traffic quality is up to the mark. During the analysis period. We have implemented this safety check so our advertisers do not have to pay for fraudulent clicks on their ads.
  • The accounts we find to be sending low-quality traffic they purchased through other PPC networks will not be compensated.
  • We have strict standards for traffic quality to protect our advertisers from shady practices.
  • 7SearchPPC reserve the right to deactivate affiliate accounts found to be sending low-quality traffic permanently.
  • 7SearchPPC prohibits any incentivized traffic, such as Pay-to-Read, Pay-to-Surf, etc., even if the traffic originates from another PPC network. Practicing any such prohibited activity will result in permanent deactivation of your account.

Please go through the Rules and Terms of Service before signing up for the 7SearchPPC Publisher account.

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