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In the online market, we aim to support your business by targeting highly standardized website traffic. Attracting maximum website traffic is essential in the initial stage of website creation. As more and more people will visit your site, there will be more possibility of selling your products and services. We exist to connect advertisers to publishers.
7Search PPC provides you with several benefits that you can avail yourself of through our network of ads. We offer advanced analytics for the campaign that will run on your site.
We have various advert types to choose from, including text ads, banner ads, and image ads.
While working for the publisher’s team, we aim to bring target ads from the vast web network for our advertisers, increasing our publishing partner’s revenue.
Our employees are highly technical, knowledgable, and experienced. As a team, we will provide you with the best customer support and solve all your queries.
We are looking forward to welcoming our publishing partners who can join us in building a promising future.

Advantages of joining us as a publisher:

  • We provide generous revenues to our publishers.
  • We are one of the most reliable PPC companies in the PPC industry.
  • We assure you about the monetization of the advertisement quality.
  • We will provide your payment without any hold.
  • The prices for bids are the best among all the other PPC sites.
  • We have tools that will help you measure your revenue based on real-time statistical data.
  • We provide customized technical support to assist you better.
  • You can monetize your website without any additional efforts.
  • We will optimize ads to best suit your website.
  • And most importantly, 24/7 personalized customer and tech support.

Please go through the Rules and Terms of Service before signing up for the 7SearchPPC Publisher account.

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